Payment inquiry
Version v.1.0.

2.2. Payment inquiry

2.2. Payment inquiry

Inquiry payments and details.

Path parameters

Attribute Type Description
paymentProduct String ID of the corresponding payment initiation object as returned by a Payment Initiation Request

Query parameters
No query parameters.

Request headers

Attribute Type Condition Description
X-Request-ID UUID Mandatory ID of the request, unique to the call, as determined by the initiating party (TPP)
Authorization String Mandatory The oAuth2 Bearer token obtained from the performed SCA performed prior to this request.
API-Key String Mandatory Consumer key available on the developers portal.
Consent-ID UUID Mandatory The consent ID of the related PIS consent.

Request body
No request body.

Response Code
HTTP Response Code 200 (OK).

Response headers

Attribute Type Condition Description
paymentProduct String Mandatory Type of payment order
paymentId String Mandatory The unique reference of the payment.
paymentDateTime ISO Date Mandatory The date the payment was created in format yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.sss
paymentStatus Payment Status Mandatory The status of the payment.
creditorAccount String Mandatory The IBAN of the creditor.
credtirorName String Mandatory The name of the creditor.
instructedAmount Double Mandatory The amount of the payment
instructedCurrency String Mandatory The payment amount currency. 3 character ISO 4217 code (eg. “EUR”, “GBP”, “USD”).

Response body

Attribute Type Condition Description
paymentStatus Payment Status Mandatory The Payment Status.
paymentId String Mandatory Resource identification of the generated payment initiation resource
_links Links Mandatory A list of hyperlinks to be recognized by the TPP. Typical value will be “scaOAuth”
psuMessage String Optional Text to be displayed to the PSU
tppMessages Array of TPP
Optional Messages to the TPP on operational issues